We Buy As Is!

We Pay Cash!

We Pay Closing Costs!

Liens No Problem!



We have been buying houses, and consulting with people to help them make the best choice for their situation. We help you decide if it is best to sell or to parner.

It is important to us you know all the facts, and you make a wise decision not an emotional one.


Jody Hodges is a Nashville local. You may know him from Hodges & Fooshee Realty, Inc.


He loves Nashville, it's culture, and it's people. He believes in honesty, fairness, and that a man's reputation is built on his word.


Over the years we have seen many fly by night outfits offering contracts to folks with companies that are not even filed with the state. We are the REAL DEAL.


Our company is filed and listed with the TN Secretary of State and our reputation is built on closing deals not scamming deals!


Let's talk about your situation before

you jump into a decision.


We want to make sure you have all the

information you need and know the facts first!

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Deciding to sell your home can be emotional, scary,

and feel like a complicated process. WE MAKE IT SIMPLE!



Reach out and schedule a complimentary call with Jody Hodges, the founder. 

Jody will ask you a few questions, and typically over

the phone can let you know

if he thinks it is wise to sell

your house.

Jody wants you to make an informed decision, and he and his staff work fast to get you the answers and relief that you

need quickly.



After we talk, and we agree it is best for us to work together, we will quickly come out and do and onsite preview of your home.


On the spot we will discuss the options and answer all of your questions honestly and faithfully.



On the spot, we will make an offer then head back to the office to write up the contract!



What we put on the contract

is what you will be paid.



We cover any closing costs

and factor in liens (a lien does not keep us from purchasing your home).



We understand the logistical, and financial challenge of the situation so we have arranged with local moving companies to help you get moved .


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm really nervous, how do I know if a company is legitimate?

We understand this can be an emotionally as well as financially challenging situaton and feel confusing. The #1 bit of advice is... If someone makes you an offer to buy your house, check to see if they are making you an offer in the name of an LLC or some other entity. Be sure that whomever the true buyer is, they are filed with the Secretary of Sate office. Also, CYA! Get a signed personal guarantee from the buyer along with their drivers license and social security card information. Actually look at the cards and write the information down. A legitimate company will already have these types of forms available and have no problem with you taking down information of their representative nor if you take the time to research them to be sure they are a known filed company with the state. DO NOT SIGN A ONE PAGE INVESTOR FLIP CONTRACT!

Does it cost anything to have you come out and give me a valuation on my home?

No. We do not charge you a penny to come out and valuate your home. We also do not pay you to come look at your home (beware of companies that want to pay you to just come look at your home).

Who is your typical seller and what is their reason for selling?

There is no typical seller or reason. Our sellers come from all walks of life and are experiencing various life challenges that have compelled them to consider selling their home quickly. Over the years we have observed some of the common situations that create these challenging circumstances are: 1. Divorce 2. Job Transfer 3. Loss of Job 4. Death in the Family 5. Health Issues 6. Fixer Upper is a Money Pit 7. Homes with Structural Issues or Expensive Repair Issues 8. Out of State Landlord Unable to Manage the Property 8. Homes with High Rate Loans 9. Homes Underwater More is Owed than the House is Worth) 10. Simply Someone with a nice home that just wants to put more money in their pocket than they are being offered by investors or agents with buyers or by the "Friend of the Family."

How and why do you pay more for houses?

Very simply put, our back end marketing efforts have positioned us to bring more value to the local market. We can sell a home for more and we have ready to go buyers lined up.

What if we really don't want to sell, do we have other options?

There are cases in which we take the property in for property and asset management, and you get a check every month. During our on site valuation of your property we can chat about if it is best for you to sell or consider asset management.

Am I required to hire an attorney?

While it is your choice to do so, you are not required to. We provide everything, and pay for the closing costs.

Will I have to fix or repair anything?

No! We take the property as is with whatever you want to leave in it. It costs us less to do the work than what it would cost you.


I inherited a home when my mother passed. My partner had the electricity on but not eh gas and we found out later that the pipes had burst and there was thousands of dollars in damage the we could not cover, nor would the insurance company.

Jody bought the house, fixed it up

and we got a lot more than what

was being offered by what we

think were college students

fronting for some investor.

Nathaniel W.

We were facing a massive amount of medical bills and had to make some hard choices. We kept being approached by people saying that they were going to buy our house, but they were more interested in setting us up to give it away. Some presented us offers but from companies that didn't even exist os that they could try rot run and flip it. A friend recommended Jody, he rolled up, looked around, sat at the kitchen table with us for awhile and made us a very fair offer, and gave us additional money once he sold the home - this was a godsend!

Mary P.

I lost my job and had to move out of state. Right after I moved my house was vandalized, and the friend that was supposed to help me rent it out disappeared. We were just looking at Facebook and saw an as for WeBuyHousesForMore.com and contacted them. That day we had a contract, and an advance, and the advance saved our credit. I highly recommend calling these people, and have them send Jody. This guy has resources. Blew our mind.

Jackson T.



Tel: 615-420-2277 



Mon - Sat: 9am - 8pm 


Buying, Selling and Partnering. Jody Hodges meets with every client personally. You are not handed off to a specialist. To Jody, your situation is personal!





- Buying Homes

- Selling Homes

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- Consulting

Jody knows this can be a challenging time and is more than willing to work around your schedule. Call directly today 615-420-2277 to schedule your in person home valuation.

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