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    Don't waste any more of your energy and money making improvements to a house you no longer want, we will buy it "as is" giving you the cash you need when your ready!

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    We have been buying houses and partnering with people giving them better choices for years. Jody Hodges is a real estate broker, investor and partnering consultant. He has helped thousands of people over the years who are still clients and friends. Jody has a background in finance, real estate and construction as well as professional property management. If we make you an offer whatever that offer is, to buy it, to partner or to sell it, you will be dealing with an actual entity that is filed with the secretary of state and we will close. Beware of companies offering you contracts with entities that are not even filed with the state.



     Selling your home simplified! 

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    Talk to Jody and schedule a meeting, Jody and his staff work fast to get you the answers and relief that you need quickly. We will then come out and do an onsite preview of your home. Avoid anyone that is going to make you an offer over the phone without seeing your property. If we buy your home, we take it as is and you don’t have to paint, clean, or do anything to the house.

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    Receive your cash offer, forget the bank, we pay cash and in many cases we will write you an advance check on the spot. We know that if you were rolling in money you would have already fixed the problem, so why make things worse. If you are going to business with us it will be fast.

    Payment in Hand


    What are your costs? Zero, what we put on the contact is what you get. We pay for any closing costs, if there are any liens we take that into account and we will buy it anyway. We even make moving easy, when we buy a home, we know that many times people are physically and financially challenged, so we have arranged with several local moving companies to help you get moved and onto a new life.


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     What people have to say about us... 

    Nathaniel W.

    Mary P.

    Jackson T.

    "I inherited a home when my mother passed. My partner had the electricity on but not the gas and we found out later that all the pipes had burst and there was thousands of dollars in damage that we could not cover, nor would the insurance company. Jody bought the house, fixed it up and we got a lot more than what was being offered by what we think were college students fronting for some investor."

    "We were facing a massive amount of medical bills and had to make some hard choices. We kept being approached by people saying that they were going to buy our house, but they were more interested in setting us up to give it away, some presented us offers but from companies that didn’t even exist so that they could try run and flip it. A friend recommended Jody, he rolled up , looked around, sat at the table with us for a while and made us a very fair offer and gave us additional money once he sold the home, this was a godsend."

    "I lost my job and had to move out of state, right after I moved my house was vandalized and the friend that was supposed to help me rent it out disappeared. We were just looking at facebook and saw an ad for webuyhousesformore.com and contacted them, that day we had a contract and an advance, and that advance saved our credit. I highly recommend calling these people and have them send Jody this guy has the resources. Blew our mind."


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