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    1. Talk to Jody

    Jody and his staff work fast to get you the answers and or relief that you need and quickly. Sometimes a check can be cut that day as an advance to help you get things accomplished quicker.

    2. We do an onsite preview of your home

    Avoid anyone that is going to make an offer on your home sight unseen over the phone. If we buy your home we take it as is and you don’t have to paint clean or do anything

    To the house.

    3. Receive your cash offer

    Forget the Bank, we pay cash and in many cases write you an advance check on the spot. We know that if you were rolling in money you would have already fixed the problem, so

    Why make things worse. If you are going to business with us it will be fast.

    Get Your Free Consultation Today! 

    4. What are your closing costs

    Zero, we do not charge you commissions, nor any closing fees, what we put on the contact is what you get. We pay for any closing costs and if there are any liens we will take that into account and we will buy it anyway and deal with the lien issues later.

    5. Move out

    When we buy a home, we know that many times people are physically and financially challenged, so we have arranged with several local moving companies to help you get moved

    And onto a new life.